Crusader Excalibur Fire Hose Kit

Crusader Excalibur Fire Hose Kit

Crusader Excalibur Fire Hose Kit

Protect your property with a Crusader Excalibur Fire Hose Kit
When it comes to protecting your family and property, Crusader Excalibur Hose is an excellent fire hose – popular choice for domestic and commercial fire fighting and fire protection purposes.

A Class M fire hose, Crusader Excalibur Hose  is a great fire hose for households and those living in grassfire prone areas. It is lightweight very easy to handle and quick to deploy – anyone can use it.

This is a complete ready to go Crusader Excalibur Fire Hose Kit, complete with a shut-off nozzle and fitted couplings. Due to Excalibur's synthetic construction, it is mildew resistant which means it is maintenance-free. It can be compactly stored when not in use. With Excalibur on your side, you have total peace of mind.

Like all our hose, Excalibur comes with a 12 month full replacement warranty. Apart from being an outstanding fire hose, the Excalibur is a versatile hose that is also suitable for many high and low pressure fluid carrying duties. Usually this hose is supplied in 30m lengths but longer lengths can be made (up to 200m).

This woven layflat fire hose is made from polyester with a synthetic rubber lining.

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Crusader Hose offer a flexible, mobile, easy to handle alternative to rigid piping, providing cost savings and a solution that’s easy to transport. While the Crusader Excalibur Fire Hose Kit has been designed for fire fighting and fire protection in mind, the kit can also be used for a range of other uses including –

  • Commercial Fire Fighting & Fire Protection
  • Residential Fire Fighting & Fire Protection
  • Wash-Down
  • Dewatering
  • Water Transfer
Crusader Excalibur Fire Hose Kit
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Crusader Excalibur Fire Hose Kit Features

At Crusader Hose, we produce hoses built to last for transferring most liquids – from drinking water to industrial or waste water, to fuel and chemicals, in the volume and pressure needed. The Crusader Excalibur Fire Host Kit comes complete with – 

  • Reliability when you need it most
  • High pressure 4500kPa +
  • Mildew resistant for long life
  • Standard brass male- and female-BSP fittings
  • Easy to handle by anyone
  • Shipped complete with clamps & fittings & shut off nozzle
  • Secure stainless steel clamps
  • Easy operation & maintenance
  • Light & quick to deploy

Range of Crusader Fire Hose Solutions

The Crusader Excalibur Fire Hose Kit is just one of a complete range of fire fighting and fire protection hosesl and equipment available. Crusader Hose offer a range of flexible, mobile, easy to handle alternatives to suite a wide range of fire fighting and fire protection applications – 

  • Excalibur Hose – (Class M) economical hose for domestic & commercial use
  • Centurion Hose – (Class H) tough high pressure fire hose for professional applications
  • Sabre Hose – (Class M) premium percolating fire hose for extreme fires
  • Rapier Hose – (Type 3) high pressure, heavy duty fire hose with added protection (available in red, yellow & blue)
  • Cavalier Hose – (Class M) lightweight, super strength coated fire hose with added protection (available in red & custom colours)
  • Couplings & Fittings
  • Hose Reel Systems
Crusader Hose

World's best layflat hose,
made in Australia.

Crusader Hose is a world-leading Australian manufacturer of the most efficient systems for water delivery using flexible layflat hose.


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