Grundfos Solar Water Pumping Solutions

Grundfos Solar Water Pumping Solutions

Grundfos Solar Water Pumping Solutions

Solar Pumping Solutions Made Easy

Grundfos offers submersible, surface mount and floating renewable pumping solutions for use in rural or remote areas across a range of applications including stock watering, irrigation and agricultural supply and transfer.

Grundfos solar pumping solutions offer many benefits over traditional grid-based pumping systems, featuring easy installation, low maintenance and low operating costs.

Easy installation
Grundfos offers a range of solar pumping solutions that can be tailored to suit almost any application and local conditions. Grundfos’ plug-and-go solutions ensure simple installation and easy use even under the most challenging conditions for a range of applications - 

Virtually no maintenance
Grundfos solar solutions have built-in protective features to help protect the pump, lowering pump down-time and maintenance costs.

Long term, cost-efficient pumping
Grundfos offers full-line, customisable renewable solutions that are sized, configured and packaged to suit individual requirements. Because of this, the total lifecycle cost of a Grundfos solar pumping solution is considerably lower than other water supply systems.

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Grundfos Renewable Solutions combine state-of-the-art pump technology with sustainable, energy efficient solutions to provide a reliable water supply to remote locations with no access to electricity –

  • Solar Stock Watering
  • Irrigation
  • Agricultural Supply
  • Water Transfer
  • Reduced Energy Bills
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Reduced Installation Cost
  • Reduced Servicing Cost
Grundfos Solar Pumping Solutions
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Grundfos Solar Pump Range

Grundfos solar pumping systems are a cost-effective, flexible and reliable water supply solution using sustainable energy. Utilising solar power can help save on energy costs and the cost of infrastructure – where the system is installed.

Grundfos CRFlex
Solar powered surface mount pump –
• Built-in frequency converter with MPPT software & motor protection
• High efficiency permanent magnet motor
• Compatible with AC & DC power sources
• 3 x analog input & 2 x digital input
• Uniquely designed cartridge shaft seal for ease of service
• Design based on the proven reliability of the Grundfos CRE range
• Easy installation & low maintenance

Grundfos SQFlex
Solar powered submersible pump –
• High efficiency permanent magnet motor
• Built-in MPPT software & motor protection
• Available with helical or multi stage centrifugal hydraulics
• Able to deliver water even on a cloudy day with only minimal sunlight
• Compatible with AC and DC power sources
• Tank filling system by connecting to CU200
• Remote monitoring compatible through
• GSM by connecting to CIU module

Grundfos MTRFlex
Solar powered submersible pump for floating applications (e.g. drawing water from a dam) –
• Consists of robust MGFlex motor & vertical multi-stage submersible pump (MTRF)
• Protective features include overload, over & under voltage
• Compatible with AC & DC power sources

  • Grundfos CRFlex – Solar Powered Surface Mount Pump
  • Grundfos SQFlex – Solar Powered Submersible Pump
  • Grundfos MTRFlex – Solar Powered Submersible Pump for Floating Applications

Grundfos RSI Inverter, Remote Management & Complete Systems

Grundfos Renewable Solar Inverter (RSI)
Off-grid solar inverter converting DC power from the solar panel to AC power supply for pump operation –
• Suitable for new & compatible existing systems
• Can be connected to the grid or a generator as back-up power during solar panel disruptions
• Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) to ensure solar panels are always working at maximum efficiency no matter what the conditions
• A range of protective features to ensure a long life including; overvoltage & under voltage protection, overload protection, overcurrent protection, over temperature protection & no-load protection
• Built-in Setup Wizard with Grundfos product library makes setup easy
• Compatible with AC & DC power sources
• Operating history memory
• Detachable control panel for added flexibility

Grundfos Remote Management
Remotely monitor and manage solar pump installations –
• Provides a full overview of the operation, performance & trends
• Live monitoring, analysis & adjustments
• Monitoring of energy consumption
• Optimisation of system performance
• Manage service & maintenance
• Plan service work on the basis of actual operating data
• Get notification when service is due

Grundfos CU200
Control and communication unit especially developed for the SQFlex –
• Enables the connection of a level switch
• System monitoring & alarm indication
• Start, stop & reset the pump with the on / off button

Grundfos Complete Solar Pumping Systems
Grundfos solar pumping systems are available as a complete turnkey package –
• Full-line, customisable solutions to suit individual requirements

  • Grundfos Renewable Solar Inverter (RSI) – Off-Grid Solar Inverter
  • Grundfos Remote Management – Remote Monitoring & Management
  • Grundfos CU200 – Control & Communication Unit
  • Grundfos Complete Solar Pumping Systems – Customisable Solutions to Suit Individual Requirements

Pumps and pump solutions.

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