Grundfos SQNE 3 Inch Submersible Groundwater Pumps

Grundfos SQNE 3 Inch Submersible Groundwater Pumps

Grundfos SQNE 3 Inch Submersible Groundwater Pumps

SQNE – designed for continuous and intermittent operation.

Grundfos SQNE is a small and compact submersible multi-stage pump designed for constant pressure operation in domestic applications. The motor of the Grundfos SQNE pump is a permanent magnet motor with a micro frequency converter ensuring optimum efficiency.

The Grundfos SQNE pump is part of the highly regarded Grundfos SQ pump range, considered the world's mot advanced and reliable submersible well pump – known for being highly efficient with built-in frequency converters that adjust motor speed and perform soft start-up of the pump.

The built-in frequency converter features protective functions and soft-starting, which reduces starting current and gives smooth and steady acceleration and dry running protection. The Grundfos SQNE pump is handy and user-friendly due to its low weight and 3-inch (74 mm) diameter. For constant pressure operation, the Grundfos SQNE coupled with the CU300 or CU301 control unit is required.

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The Grundfos SQNE pump range of features make the Grundfos SQNE ideal for smaller restricted wells and a great choice for all residential water well systems and irrigation, offering many advantages to conventional 4 inch pumps –

  • Constant Pressure Operation
  • Excellent Starting Capabilities
  • Overvoltage & Undervoltage Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Over-Heating Protection
  • Protection Against Upthrust
Grundfos SQNE 3 Inch Submersible Groundwater Pumps
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Grundfos SQNE 3 Inch Pump Key Features

Overall, the  Grundfos SQNE 3 Inch Pump offers many benefits over a conventional 4 inch submersible pump to both installers and homeowners. These benefits include the 2.9 inch (74 mm) diameter, a durable design, integrated electronis, soft start feature, wide voltage range, built-in motor protection and built-in dry run protection. 

  • Constant Pressure Operation – Using a CU300/301 with the SQNE your water pressure will always remain constant pressure regardless of how many family members are consuming water. As more taps are opened, the pump automatically increases its speed, maintaining your chosen pressure at any flow rate. Greater comfort is added to your life and greater value added to your home.
  • Excellent Starting Capabilities – The soft starter minimises the risk of wear on the pump and prevents overloading of the mains during start-up. Its softstart system also reduces water hammering, light flickering and other electrical disturbances.
  • Overvoltage & Undervoltage Protection – The integrated protection prevents damage to the motor in case the supply voltage moves outside the permissible voltage range.
  • Overload Protection – The SQNE eliminates the need for motor protection. If the pump is exposed to heavy load the motor will automatically reduce its speed, or if the pump is blocked it automatically stops pumping.
  • Over-Heating Protection – As an extra protection, the electronic unit has a built-in temperature sensor. When the temperature exceeds a critical limit, the pump is stopped and when the temperature has dropped, the pump automatically starts.
  • Protection Against Upthrust – The SQNE is fitted with an upthrust bearing protecting both pump and motor against upthrust, thus preventing breakdown during the critical start-up phase.

Grundfos SQNE Operating Conditions & Technical Data

  • pH Values – 5 to 8
  • Liquid Temperature – 0 °C to 35 °C
  • Mains Voltage – 1 x 240 V, 50 Hz
  • Enclosure Class – IP68
  • Insulation Class – F
  • Installation Depth – Max. 150m below Static Water Level
  • Pump Diameter – 2.9 Inch (74 mm)
  • Borehole Diameter = Min. 76 mm
  • Approvals & Markings – CE, UL, cUL

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