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You'll find a full range of Helix Hydro products at Watersolve Irrigation.

Helix Hydro is a privately owned company established in 1981 which manufactures and distributes a comprehensive range of products for agricultural, center pivot, drip and commercial turf irrigation applications. With years of experience and established engineering skills, Helix Hydro  manufactures the Australian made FILTAWORX® fully automatic self-cleaning screen filter ranging in sizes 50 – 350mm suitable for all irrigation and industrial applications.

The local design and development of the FILTAWORX® Automatic Self Cleaning Screen Filter has given Helix Hydro, as a local manufacturer, the opportunity to develop a strong export arm into the major irrigation and industrial markets around the globe.

Along with filtration equipment Hydro Helix has been a major supplier of fertigation injection equipment for the past 18 years. The recent development of liquid fertilisers has significantly increased the demand for accurate and precise injection rates making the comprehensive range of ITC injection equipment the market leader. It has been proven accurate, precise and regular injection of fertiliser product greatly enhances crop production.

Geoflow Wasteflow® is manufactured in the USA and is specifically designed and produced for sub surface irrigation of on-site wastewater disposal. Wasteflow® is the only product on the market that comes with 15 year warranty against root intrusion. Helix Hydro has successfully distributed and marketed Wasteflow into the Australia on-site waste water market for the past 26 years.

Helix Hydro's ongoing commitment to provide technical support, product assistance, spare parts, service and solutions, supported with experienced sales representation and marketing expertise is an undertaking to all Irrigear Stores.

Advice. Products. Solutions. Locally source and buy Helix Hydro products and solutions from Watersolve Irrigation your local Irrigear® Independent Experts — the leaders in pumping, irrigation, filtration, water and fluid management.

In addition to developing a manufacturing facility for FILTAWORX® Filters, Helix Hydro imports and distributes a comprehensive range of technical products targeted to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications in the irrigation industry:

  • Air Release Valves Automatic & Kinetic 25-50mm
  • Epoxy Steel Manual & Semi-Automatic Filters & Hydro cyclones 25 – 200mm
  • Fertigation Injection Equipment electric & hydraulic
  • Hydraulic control valves 25-250mm
  • Plastic screen and Disc Filters 20 – 80mm
  • Polyethylene Wafer Check Valves with micro switch 80-250mm
  • Wasteflow® Sub Surface drip line for treated wastewater.
  • Water Meters pulse & non-pulse 15 – 500mm
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Helix Hydro Products

Helix Hydro product groups have established a reputation for quality and reliability over a period of many years, which are strongly supported with after sales service and competitive pricing.

  • Arag: Plastic Screen filters 20-80mm, Plastic Disc Filters 20-80mm
  • Asper Farm: Agricultural Impact sprinklers Brass and Plastic 15-32mm
  • Cometal: Hydraulic control valves C.I. & Plastic with all plumbing options.
  • DOSTEC AC: Diaphragm and piston dosing pumps with advanced dosing control
  • FILTAWORX®: Automatic Self Cleaning Screen Filters 50 – 350mm
  • Triangle Waterquip Plastic Semi-Automatic Suction Filters
  • Hidroten: Air Release & Check Valves
  • ITC: Fertigation Injection Pumps Electric & Hydraulic
  • Wasteflow®: Subsurface Drip Effluent Disposal system
  • Yamit: Epoxy Coated Mild steel screen & Disc Filters
  • Zenner: Water Meters 15-500mm

Helix Hydro Solutions

When planning your next project or simply replacing existing stock, realize the features and benefits by incorporating Helix Hydro products.

  • After sales service & support
  • All products covered by manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Cost competitive price range
  • Efficient design will save water & energy
  • Full range of spare parts available
  • High quality product selection
  • Modular and adaptable to an existing system
  • Robust & reliable design
  • Simple to install & operate
Helix Hydro

Water Filtration & Irrigation Products

Helix Hydro specialises in the design and supply of fully automatic water filters and systems – and also has a comprehensive range of manual and semi automatic water filters, hydraulic control valves, agricultural sprinklers, large Rain Gun sprinklers, injection pumps, water meters & subsurface waste water disposal systems.

Helix Hydro's head office and centralised distribution is based in Melbourne with branch sales offices located in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. We are readily available and resolute in providing Australia wide technical support and cost efficient product distribution to all existing and new customers throughout country via an experienced sales team and well managed logistics.


Talk to the team at Watersolve Irrigation a member of Irrigear® Independent Experts to find out more about Helix Hydro range of products, parts and solutions which are right for your irrigation or water management project.



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