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Irrigation, Filtration, Storage & Distribution

Irrigation, Filtration, Storage & Distribution

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Water Supply, Irrigation and Filtration
Watersolve Irrigation knows that water is essential for life. Wherever you need water - on the farm, in the home, for stock-watering or crops – we can provide advice, equipment and technologies in pumping, irrigation, pressure, filtration, storage, monitoring, scheduling and control to ensure your water supply. From small-scale domestic projects around the home to large-scale agriculture or commercial projects with advanced pumping, filtration and distribution requirements – Watersolve Irrigation will help you get the most from every drop.

Storage Tanks, Accessories, Monitoring and More
As well as irrigation and filtration,Watersolve Irrigation also provides water storage solutions. We can assist with selection and ordering of a new poly water tank, stock watering troughs and drinkers. Delivery of your new tank is also arranged directly through the manufacturer to you, including setting of the tank pad. Once delivered, our field technicians can come to site to install your new tank, and remove your old tank if required.

Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial and Firefighting
Looking for large-scale water, fuel or chemical storage solutions? Firefighting storage? Watersolve Irrigation can provide solutions to address specific requirements in storage, filtration and distribution – from self-cleaning filtration systems, to high-volume pumping systems and custom storage solutions.

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Irrigation Water Delivered - Bore Testing

Irrigation Water Delivered - Bore Testing

Reliable water supply is an essential requirement for pasture, crop or livestock. Bores offer critical access to valuable groundwater and Watersolve Irrigation can help you maximise your bore output performance.


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