Irrigators - Pivots, Travelling & Polyreel

Irrigators - Pivots, Travelling & Polyreel

Irrigators - Pivots, Travelling & Polyreel

Putting Water Where it Counts - Irrigators

Watersolve Irrigaiton also supply, install, maintain, test and repair irrigator solutions – pivot, travelling, polyreel and big gun.

A leading Bauer Pivot, Linear and Reel dealer, Watersolve Irrigation can also install and maintain a range of leading irrigator systems and equipment. We also offer a range of on-site and in-store services including testing and repairs – employing a team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to providing quality irrigation solutions throughout the year, season after season.

Watersolve Irrigation appreciates the investment you've made in your irrigation equipment – and the value of ensuring that your equipment performs at its peak and is maintained properly to extend its perational life.

Whatever your need Watersolve Irrigation has been serving our local region in irrigation and water management needs since 1997. Locally owned and operated, our professional, friendly team are here to assist you get the most from every drop:

  • Australia's Leading Brands & Products
  • Local Expertise
  • Latest Solutions – Saving Water, Energy & Time
  • Local Support Services In-House & On-Site
  • Agricultural Solutions
  • Irrigators - Pivot (Centre, Lateral/Linear, Universal) Travelling, Polyreel & Big Gun
  • Bauer Dealer
  • Leading Brands Supported (including Valley® Irrigation, T-L Irrigation, Zimmatic, Trailco®)
  • Remote Monitoring & Control
  • Design, Installation, Maintenance & Repair
  • Custom Installations & Fabrications
  • Full Range of On-site Services
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