Retail Shop & Specialty Services

Retail Shop & Specialty Services

Retail Shop & Specialty Services

Advice. Products. Solutions.

Need Solutions? Think Watersolve Irrigation
With rising costs of water and energy, it pays to find out how you can save time and money by maximising the efficiency of your water and fluid management.

Locally owned and operated, you'll get knowledgeable, expert and friendly advice from water management experts who know our local conditions. Watersolve Irrigation has proudly served Mount Gambier, the Green Triangle South Australia and Southwest Victoria since 1997.

Extensive Retail Offerings for business, Trade Professionals or DIY
Whether you're a business or property owner or manager, trade professional or DIY, you'll find brands, products, parts, spares and complete systems to help you get the most from every drop.

Our retail shop stocks a huge variety of parts and materials for your irrigation requirements. Our staff can also assist you with selection that best suits the application you need – whether it’s a pump, PVC or Poly joiners and pipe, sprinklers and pop up solutions or a filter for your rainwater tank or bore.

Whatever your need – Watersolve Irrigation can help:

  • Australia's Leading Brands & Products
  • Local Advice & Expertise
  • Latest Solutions - Saving Water, Energy Costs & Time
  • Extensive Retail Offerings for Trade Professional or DIY
  • Workshop, In-house & On-Site Services (Design, Installation, Maintenance & Repair)
  • Water Meter Installation & Validation
  • Pumps, Pressure & Booster Systems, Parts & Accessories
  • Firefighting Pumps, Bushfire & Fire Protection Equipment, Systems, Hose, Connectors & Accessories
  • Controllers, Timers, Monitors
  • Water Filtration Systems (Undersink, Whole House; Filters & Accessories)
  • Filtration (Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial)
  • Plumbing Supplies
  • Pipe, Fittings, Connectors & Accessories (PVC, PP, PE, Gal Mal, Iron Ductile Fittings & Accessories)
  • Valves, Camlocks, Flanges
  • Garden Hose, Fittings & Connectors
  • Turf, Lawn & Garden Irrigation Systems, Controllers, Timers, Sprinklers
  • Micro, Mini, Drip - Emitters, Drippers, Sprinklers & Tube Line
  • Dripline & Drip Tape
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Specialty Service: Water Meters

Specialty Service: Water Meters

Watersolve Irrigation works with holders of water management authorisations to ensure compliance with the new SA Licensed Water Use Metering Specifications which went into effect 1 July 2019.


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