Solar & Remote Solutions

Solar & Remote Solutions

Solar & Remote Solutions

Solar Pumping & Remote Solutions.
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Looking for Solar Pumping Solutions?

Today’s solar pumping systems can move seriously large amounts of water without the cost of running remote power lines or costly diesel generators. Or, perhaps you have an aging windmill that’s becoming too costly to maintain. A solar powered solution can address a multiple number of issues and provide a superior level of control and reliability.

Watersolve Irrigation knows and supplies the very latest developments in solar pumping technologies. Designing systems for rural and off-grid use is one of our areas of core expertise, and means that our quality and service priorities are different from our competitors.

Water Delivered Where and When It Matters
Advances in remote sensing, monitoring, scheduling and control make it easier and more cost-effective than ever to make sure you get the from every drop. Watersolve Irrigation can help you select the equipment and technology solution that's right for you - from advanced desktop controllers to hand-held solutions that can be managed from your smartphone.

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Solar & Remote: Products, Solutions

Solar & Remote: Products, Solutions

On- or off-grid Watersolve Irrigation will work with you to find the right solutions to maximise your water supply and efficiencies in solar pumping and remote sensing, monitoring, scheduling and control.


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